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The Telugu New Year is named as “ Ugadi” which is known for the new beginnings of the year ahead. It is joyfully found in the southern regions on the essential day of the Hindu calendar month of Chaitra. This festival will mostly fall in March or April of the Gregorian date-book.

On this special day, home is seen by drawing rangoli on the floor called kolamulus, mango leaf embellishments on portals called toranalu, acquiring and giving favors, for example, new clothing, offering food to poor people. On this festival day, the shower took after by oil massage, and they use to prepare an excellent item called pachadi. The pachadi is a joyful food that combines all flavors – sweet, sharp, salty, extreme. In Telugu and Kannada Hindu traditions, it is a significant update that one must anticipate a wide range of experiences in the coming new year.

Ugadi has been a basic and significant festival of the Hindus, with medieval compositions and gift each other to Ugadi shopping deals.

Hindu priests gather around this day and are known as a New Year by Hindus in various parts of India. For example, it is called Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, and on this occasion viewed a Gregorian day sooner in light of the way that the lunar day starts in the Hindu timetable as shown by the situation of the moon. In Karnataka, the festival is known as Yugadi.

Ugadi Celebrations :

Game plans for Ugadi start seven days ahead. People clean their homes and  Shop on the Ugadi shopping offers for clothing and furthermore required things for the festival. People wake up before sunrise and light up the and windows with the new mango gets out. 

The Mango Story:

The tying of mango surrenders has a story. Kartikeya and Ganesha, the children of Shiva-Parvati, were incredibly captivated with mangoes. Kartikey requested people to tie mango leaves in their homes to invite achievement and extraordinary goodness.

The Beautiful Rangoli:

People make splendid Rangolis before their homes in the wake of sprinkling the locale with the cow-like waste mixed water. The New Year has begun with the blessings of celestial creatures by cherishing them. People love the perfect and awesome deals on shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra Ugadi festival sale.

People from the various areas of the Deccan level in India watch Ugaadi with magnificent vitality. Relatives assemble on an amazing banquet. Good times start from an early morning oil shower.

In the province of Maharashtra, the Lunar New Year is praised as Gudi Padwa. In Tamil Nadu and Telangana people praise this day as Ugadi.

What is Ugadi?

The main Full Moon of the Spring marks the start of the Lunar New Year and this day is seen as Ugadi. In the Gregorian Calendar, it usually falls in March or April. The term Ugadi is authored from the Sanskrit words “Yuga” signifying ‘age’ and “Adi” signifying ‘start’.

Ugadi celebration is seen to commend the start of the spring season and its thriving. On the methodology of spring, the Sun sparkles splendid and nature gets its existence with new leaves and buds after a long winter rest. 

Gives a Motivation Message:

There will be a new life all over the place and that is the motivation behind why it alludes to the introduction of another new era.

Why we celebrate?

The normal legend behind Gudi Padwa or Ugadi celebration is identified with creation. It is accepted that the God Brahma began creation on this event. For certain people, this event honors the crowning liturgy of Rama in Ayodhya after his triumph over Ravana. The nine-day long spring celebration of Vasanta Navratri starts on this day and finishes up on Ram Navami.

How to Celebrate?

The celebration of Ugadi is viewed as an extraordinary day for new speculations and for beginning new things or organizations. The arrangements for Ugadi may start seven days before with individuals cleaning their homes and offering philanthropy to the destitute.

The Rangoli-Welcome:

On the celebration day, ladies make lovely “Rangoli” at the door entrance and welcome with mango leaves. There exists a Ugadi custom of having early morning showers and checking one’s very own appearance on a bowl of liquid ghee. 

Poojas will be completed at homes in which the symbol would be cooled with oil and finished with white jasmine blossoms and garments. After the supplication, individuals would take gifts from the senior individuals from the family on the eve of Ugadi shopping offers.

Special treats are set up upon the arrival of Ugadi. These extraordinary dishes will be first offered to God and individuals would have it simply after the poojas. The Nivedyam or the food offered to God would be served to the visitors as well.

Panchang Swarnam:

At night, there would be a tremendous flood of lovers at the sanctuaries. There is an exceptionally called “Panchang Swarnam” in which the minister requests that the aficionados give the signal” Panchang”. Here, the term Panchang signifies ‘a great learner.

The Tasty Dishes:

There are some well-known dishes arranged only on the Ugadi day. ‘Pulihora’ – a tamarind tasty rice dish, ‘Bobbatlu’ – a sweet Bengal gram-coconut filled dumpling, Sweet Pongal, Mango Pachdi, Moong dal Payasam, Kodhimbir vadi, and so forth are a couple of them. Getting ready ‘Ugadi Pachadi’ or ‘Bevu Bella’ is a significant custom of this celebration. This unique dish has different flavors, meaning the various one may experience in a year.

People visit the homes of their relatives and companions and would shop on Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra Ugadi festival sale. So,  Celebrate and welcome this New Year in your life with amazing retreats and new thoughts with your family and friends. We wish you a very Happy Ugadi.

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