Try the Tasty & Yummy Food on wheels. Check out the Best Food Trucks in Hyderabad


Everyone loves the tasty and delicious foods in the late nights which serve hot and yummy. The best option for this is the Food Truck. Food lovers have to agree with the most famous food in Hyderabad.  Food trucks in Hyderabad are concocting the eatery culture here.

 With similarly great and quality food on offer at a less expensive value is very helpful for the working citizens at late hours. There are famous food trucks which are additionally ruining food with delightful treats. Let’s have a look at the most happening food trucks in the city.

1. Sofrehh

Sofrehh is the best kind of vibe and service also. This is a quintessential food truck, it has a particular sitting region, serving Persian sandwiches, with all-natural, non-additive gourmet bread with the combination of apple, carrot, and orange also.

2. The Spitfire Barbeque Truck

Incredible food amount and quality to recall the spot by, The Spitfire Barbeque Truck, is situated behind Gandhi Hospital. The truck serves Fries, Burgers, Fish, Chicken Wings, Veg Burger, Bbq Chicken, Cinnamon Roll and more. This truck is very famous among individuals frequenting the zone. Avail the Zomato promo code here.

3. The Kingz Landing

Designed in the Game of Thrones subject, The Kingz Landing is everyone’s dream place. So visit this dream truck. The dishes you must try here are Rice Bowls, Tea, Garlic Bread, Dragon Chicken, the menu is simple, delightful and interesting too.

4. Dosa Place

Dosa Place

Dosa is most widely recognized as the tasty road food in Hyderabad. There is no specific time to have a hot plate of dosa. It is the best-loved food for some. This dosa truck serves a huge assortment of dosas past with a lot of creativity. Be it Chinese, mushroom, sweet corn cheddar, American hack suey, and so on, they have it. Their mark dosas are flawless which is stacked with cheddar. 

5. The Food Truck Hub

The Food Truck Hub

 This is one of the most famous trucks in Madhapur. With food trucks arranged in a straight line of 300 meters, this spot is stuffed with the best nourishment vans ever. From dosas, idlis, momos, talks to pretty much any sort of flavorful road food one can get.

Opening times: 9 PM to 1 AM 

Area: Near Karachi pastry kitchen, Madhapur fundamental street 

6. Hungry Parrots

Hungry Parrots

This well-known food truck serves some lip-smacking shawarmas with rupees 60. It serves shawarmas with a blend of cooked chicken, zesty paneer and egg bhaji enclosed by a rumali roti with garlic enhanced mayonnaise.

Opening times: 5:30 PM to 12:30 AM 

Area: Hitech City

7. The Kingz Landing

The Kingz Landing

This food truck, locate your most loved from Game of Thrones. This truck itself is themed, its environment and the seating wise themed. The dishes on the menu are also enlivened hands-on Dagger Lake’s Lotus Stem and Drogon Wings. The wings were peri-peri-enhanced and were finger-licking with lotus stem dish was firm and sautéed in green onions. 

8. Kitchen On Sixteen Wheels

Kitchen On Sixteen Wheel

 Touted to be India’s longest food truck, discover Kitchen On Sixteen Wheels for Chinese, Continental, and Andhra cooking as well. It has a Waffle House for those with a sweet tooth to eat up. Mostly it is seen in Gachibowli, this truck is found on 100 Feet Road in Madhapur frequently.

9. Fat Cow Creamy

Fat Cow Creamy

This is a frozen yogurt yet a dessert moves truck. Truly, they serve frozen yogurt rolls that melt in your mouth. Fat Cow Creamy serves desserts. Fulfill your desert after a delicious supper at a rich eatery. Oreo and cream is the best choice for dessert.

Opening times: 1 PM to 12:30 AM 

Area: Banjara Hills

10. Auto Express Hot canine

Auto Express Hot canine

Need to taste a few hot dogs? Auto Express Hot presents the best American frank in the city. These franks are extremely delicious and higher on the taste side. Their tasty ingredient makes them worth it.  It is a standout amongst other food trucks in Hyderabad.

Opening times: 4 PM to 1 AM 

Area: Paradise Circle

The above-mentioned details are the Best Food Trucks in Hyderabad. Check Out this with your loved ones and have a great time together.

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