Tranquil Berths to Stop Over at Your Singapore Honeymoon


Puzzled over finding a romantic yet relaxing country for your honeymoon? Well, don’t be! Pickyourtrail will plan your getaway in the most beautiful Singapore ornated with unique ethnic tapestry. A perfect blend of  Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures as well as religions, along with being the modern economic giant is uber for your honeymoon. Book your tickets from Cleartrip offers to get a huge discount.

1. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Take your newly wedded to this fanciful indoor garden, Gardens by the Bay is a treat to your eyes and your heart, designed exclusively to ignite that spark. The bundles of exotic plants gathered from all around the world, majestic structures to die for! The aroma and mesmerizing lighting will sweep you and your soul mate off your feet. Don’t forget to visit this magical garden while at your Singapore honeymoon.

2. Changi Point Coastal 

Changi Point Coastal

Go for an enticing walk at the Changi point coastal walk with your bae. Stroll along this 2.2 km path with your loved one while experiencing the alluring breeze kissing you. The walk with footpaths will you to the magnificent rocky coastline. Relish the night lighting during the walk, synchronized to bring a romantic glow making it out and out place to spend time with the love of your life. Enjoy the sunset walk, kelong walk, cliff walk, sailing point walk, beach walk while holding hands with your boo!

3. Yueh Hai Ching Temple

Yueh Hai Ching Temple

Start your auspicious bond by praying at the temple of love. This UNESCO heritage site is erected by Chinese craftsmen and is one of the oldest temples in Singapore. The deity of the moon in this temple is worshipped to empower your relationship. It is the ideal place to seek blessings of the god of love as you start a new chapter in the book of life and a must include in your Singapore honeymoon package.

4. Esplanade Roof Garden

Esplanade Roof Garden

Nothing can match the beauty of this roof garden while relishing the dazzling views of the city and Marina Bay. the Esplanade Roof garden is embedded with manicured lawns and small shade trees, let go of your dilemmas and relax here with your love. The innate planting style of this garden offers you the amazing opportunity to get your perfect postcard picture. And if you are here at the night time, you’ll be lucky enough to witness the alluring city lit up fiercely.

5. Singapore Cruise

Singapore Cruise

Don’t even try and forget to cruise the Singapore river with your bae and witness the exquisite landmarks like the Raffles landing site, an array of very old shops along the Boat Quay, Esplanade Singapore, Asian Civilization Museum and much more breathtaking arenas. Grab a taste of authentic Singapore, during the night or the day, by sailing the river in the traditional Bumboats, put in use for carrying passengers and good back in the old days are now upgraded to the level of this modern city.

6. Bukit Batok Town Park 

Bukit Batok Town Park

Grab your facebook perfect honeymoon selfie here at the graceful town park! Formerly a granite quarry was afterward transferred to a lovely garden along with a pond. It has become a famous spot for wedding photographers and couples, and the best places to visit in Singapore on your honeymoon for relaxing and soaking the beauty of landscaped forest with picturesque scenery.

7. Jewel Box at Faber Park

Jewel Box at Faber Park

Fill your heart and your stomach with the appetizing dinner at the Jewel Box with your better half. This beautiful spot is located in Mount Faber Park, rendering a picturesque view of the entire city. Relax and cozy up with your bae as we all know, way to one’s heart is through the stomach!

8. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

It is the topmost attraction in Singapore for couples, overwhelming with truckloads of delicacies like super cool laser light show along with a mind-boggling display of water jets as well. The lethal combination of lasers and fire geysers paired with the lights will leave you with goosebumps. Marina Bay Sands is the most splendid place to visit at your Singapore Honeymoon and while you are there, grab a bite at a Ku De Ta Club lounge with a 360-degree view of Singapore.

9. The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton

Let your pockets loose and have a night stay at The Ritz-Carlton, which is true to its worth and won’t be a regret. Sit together with your babe, arms in arms, making memories while savoring the view of Marina Bay, Singapore Marina, and Singapore eye. It is an experience that will accentuate your whole journey, and it should be an imperative part of the Singapore honeymoon package. 

10. Beaches of Sentosa

Beaches of Sentosa

Nothing can beat the solace you find at a beach while lying beside your soul mate on the white sand, soaking that sun and getting those tan lines! The vast stretch of the island of Sentosa is a treat for you honeymooners, the irresistible island is brimming with divine beaches and amazing beach sports will add spice your Singapore honeymoon. This island will give a fairy tale touch your honeymoon and some memories you’ll never forget.

Singapore will leave you dazzled and mesmerized with tropical experiences fiercely waiting just for you and your bae! No, you don’t have to stress over planning your romantic getaway, take a deep breath and leave it to Pickyourtrail. We will make sure that you don’t miss a thing in this gorgeous country, along with handcrafting an overwhelming  Singapore honeymoon package!

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