Top 7 Destination For Solo Travellers 2020


Travelling all over the world all alone introduces you to the natural multiplicity and opulence of the country. However, the community groups, meet-ups and immense prosperity of online resources have made things very simpler than ever to make a moving solo. Here is a little information about the most popular solo travelling destinations in the world which you can plan by clubbing with available Cleartrip Coupons and MakeMyTrip Offers.

Let’s know some of the top travel alone destinations in the world:

1. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a breathtaking travel destination, and it boasts of stunning beaches and busy city life.

Melbourne, Australia

Why it is the best place for solo travellers:

  • Australia as an intact is well thought-out a safe and sound destination for worldwide travel, and plenty of solo travellers visit here.
  • This is an English-speaking countryside; you won’t have to go through with any language obstacle.
  • Melbourne is extremely easy to discover because you can walk or ride a bike almost everywhere

2. Thailand

Thailand is amazing for solo tourist, although it is one of the Buddhist approaches which lead to equal opportunity among the people.


Why it is the best place for solo travellers:

  • Thailand is famous for its pleasant hospitality, and as a tourist destination, there are lots of opportunities to come across other compatible travellers.
  • On the whole, the place is renowned for its low-priced, particularly in the north. A perfect option to travel in your budget.
  • Thailand has many things to do; you can visit the party-central Bangkok to exotic beaches and stifling jungle. Exploring Thailand is amazing and the country is a well-developed destination.

3. Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the most enriching nations in the world. It is also a great place in the world’s top unclimbed mountains, Gangkhar Puensum. The mountain is hallowed and the Bhutanese government has prohibited hiking.


Why it is the best place for solo travellers:

  • Access is only possible on doing advanced trip option, where you are accompanied all over the place by your guide.
  • Bhutan is the destination to experience a spanking new cultural. Earlier Bhutan was deprived of roads, electricity, motor vehicles or telephones until the 1960s. Plastic bags have been prohibited in Bhutan since 1999 and in 2004, and this country became one of the first territories in the world to ban tobacco.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a stunning destination for an adventure trip, and here you can do surfing, as well as perform other recreational activities. Costa Rica is loaded with compassionate and supportive locals.

Costa Rica

Why it is the best place for solo travellers 

  • You will be always surrounded at this place with lots of people and travellers and here you can explore lots of thrilling adventures to set out on.
  • Costa Rica has never witnessed any political turbulence, class or creed resists or revolutions usually related to other Latin American Countries. Although, this place doesn’t have or need armed forces because it’s such a serene country.

5. Hong Kong, China

Regardless of being one of the largest cities in the world, Hong Kong is an amazing destination to unwind as it is bursting of “Zen moments,” such as striking gardens and Tai Chi classes are held.

Hong Kong, China

Why it is the best place for solo travellers: 

  • Hong Kong is considered as one of the protected cities in the world.
  • If you’re not aware of languages here or even you having a language problem, Hong Kong is a perfect destination to embark on, as it combines both Eastern and Western simultaneously. Because of its British legacy, most of central Hong Kong speaks English.
  • There are many to do in Hong Kong, China and you can do whatever you want to do here.

6. Cusco, Peru

The well-known capital of the very old Inca Empire, Cusco has catered as a travellers’ mecca for thousands of years. A place sheered in culture, Cusco is popular for its local population—time and again witnessed on the streets in their traditional wear.

Cusco, Peru

Why it is the best place for solo travellers:

  • Cusco is a stone’s off the cuff from the “lost” city of the Incas that includes Machu Picchu.
  • Great place of some of South America’s most enthralling archaeological destinations.

7. Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the finest solo travel destinations in Asia. With a hard-earned reputation for being safe hands, a steady, traditionalist Muslim country, Malaysia has the stamps of an ideal striking environment for solo travellers.


Why it is the best place for solo travellers:

  • Malaysia is one of the more technically developed zones of Asia; hence things usually operate well and relatively on a timetable.
  • The year is packed with multi-coloured and invigorating experiences together with a wide range of festive occasions and events.
  • Malaysia is similar to two countries in one, with the untamed jungles of Borneo and the space-age high-occurs of Kuala Lumpur.

These are all top 7 destinations for solo travellers 2020. So, be bold and move now.

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