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A Together Community Festival :

As the Pongal celebration is drawing close to us, it is energized and the celebrations are fully enjoyable. Pongal is celebrated in South India and it is one of the most popular celebrations in India. It is known as the family celebration and is called Makar Sankranti. Like all festivals, Pongal unites the family for festive fun, cooking ceremony plans and embellishing houses, etc. 

Pongal or Makar Sankranti holds a similar centrality as other ‘ New Year’s celebrations. On this day people await for the Sankranti Festival Sale to shop for new products, clean the house and get all the fresh groceries like rice, jaggery and more. Houses are cleaned and enhanced within the front yard or porches. Families get together to celebrate and eat “Pongal” unique sweet rice. The rice is generally cooked in a mud pot with the new wheat grains and milk as they symbolize new life and food. 

Villages and rural towns in south India are trimmed with colorful blooms, wreaths, and buntings. People used to play music from a loudspeaker and garish enhancements everywhere throughout the town and around. Farmers set their animals and nicely decorated for the festival. 

It is absolutely the time when town people celebrate this festival together. The landowners and the laborers meet up in the town to praise this celebration. Further, families meet up during this festival to celebrate the thanksgiving celebration by shopping for their loves in Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra Pongal Sale.

Thai Pongal Celebrated:

The harvest celebration that is celebrated and famously known as the Pongal or Thai Pongal. It is one of the most significant celebrations in South India. Thai alludes to the Tamil month, Thai Masam (mid-January to mid-February) when Pongal is commended. Is henceforth known as “Thai Pongal”. 

Harvest Festival:

Agriculture is dependent on the ideas of nature. Pongal is celebrated in remembrance of sun god and for abundant blessings. Cows and bulls are additionally decorated and worshipped of the Pongal festivities. These animals are key to cultivating. 

It is the correct season when rice, sugarcane, and turmeric are reaped. This celebration is praised in rural zones more than in the urban regions. The explanation is obvious, as the provincial regions are places agriculture is standard. 

The First Day-Bhogi Celebrations:

This first day is commended as Bhogi celebration to pay tribute to Lord Indra the rain god. Most of the people grab their new clothes in the Sankranti Festival Sale, homes are cleaned and are decorated well with the flowers and rangoli. A campfire is readied and the undesirable things structure the field and the homes are tossed into it. This symbolizes the fresh start. A unique sweet with flour and jaggery is set up on Bhogi in all homes. This is called Poli.

The Second Day-Pongal Puja: 

The Pongal puja is performed on the second day. The house is cleaned and designed with new rangoli. Rangoli, otherwise called kolam, is decorated with white rice powder and colors on the ground. People use to get Pongal Discount Coupons and attired in new dresses. Sugarcane, coconut, and bananas are offered to the god. 

Rice, lentils, and milk are bubbled on the stove in an uncommon pot on the patio. A turmeric plant is tied around the pot. The entire family assembles around the pot and calls “Pongalo Pongal” when the water bubbles over the pot. This emblematically alludes to “Let food be plentiful and given our lives a chance to flood with bliss and satisfaction”. Pongal is the name of the dish made of rice and lentils. A sweet Pongal is made by including a touch of jaggery and milk to it.

The Third Day-Mattu Pongal:

This is the propitious day when the cows are praised with garlands, brilliant chimes and silk textures are tied on the cows and they are adorned with a puja. Every farmer carries his decorated cows to the town. The cows are strutted on the streets. The cow’s race is a piece of the show. 

Jalli Kattu :

Jalli Kattu is a major game that is very well-known in certain areas. There is money attached to the horn of the bulls and they are let free by the owners. Youngsters pursue the bull to recover the money. There is no physical damage done to the creature in this game although there is an enduring about playing this sport. 

Fourth day-Kanu Pongal: 

Kanu Pongal or Kanum Pongal is celebrated on the fourth day. The turmeric leaf is washed and set on the ground. Pongal, sweet Pongal, turmeric rice and curd rice are altogether set on the leaf. Sugarcane and banana are also put on the leaf. All the ladies assemble around and shout to the feathered creatures to come and eat the foods. They petition God for the prosperity of their siblings and their families. 

Girls of the families are offered unique gifts on this special day in the e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra Pongal Sale. It is an event when chained ladies visit their maternal homes to meet with their siblings and guardians and look for their favors. The Pongal celebration is celebrated with music and move exhibitions all around the State. Pongal Discount Coupons offers uncommon limits on Pongal festive buys. Accordingly, capitalize on this and enjoy shopping. 

Kids truly like a family get-together and celebrations as they get such a great amount of adoration from older friends. Children prefer to make wonderful masterpieces to contribute to embellishing the house or helping in a delicious meal.

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