Must Visit Best & Top Restaurants for Briyani in Hyderabad


Everyone’s favorite dish is Biryani. We can’t even imagine our party or any occasion without a delicious mouth-watering biryani. Most of the people have a wish in their hearts to visit the top places in Hyderabad for the delicious biryani. So, let’s discover the Top Restaurants for Briyani in Hyderabad and enjoy the flavor.

1. Shadab

Shadab is the top and best resultant to taste biryani. This bouncing eatery is the capital of biryani, kebabs and all more varieties during Ramzan (Ramadan). Though haleem is the most loved of all it is generally available in a short period and creates buzz. Hotel Shadab is located in the old city and gives a glad feeling to encounter the original style of cooking. Shadab Hotel is extremely famous among foods in Hyderabad and at some random time, it is clamoring with more than 200 people at that same time.

2. Grand Hotel

Biryani was entered to Hyderabad by the attacking Mughal armed force of Aurangazeb. Since Indian foods, for example, roti, rice, curries, and soups would be too tedious to plan and eat . The mixing of Mughlai and Telangana foods brought about the Grand Hotel. It is made by using goat meat (sheep) and basmati rice, you can get a chicken or veg variety also. It is served with yogurt, onions, saffron, and flavors.

3. Shah Ghouse

The first name that strikes in our mind is Shah Ghouse. It has a simple exemplary with regards to giving incredibly hot biryani. You must try pot cooked Biryani which confers an exceptional taste. The serving style is liberal so that everyone could enjoy their cravings.

4. Bawarchi

Biryani at bawarchi is known for its hot and spicy taste. The chilies are liberally added with a cool beverage, you can love this. Its arranged on the fundamentally and simple to see, so you won’t miss this one. This is the oldest biryani in the city of Hyderabad. So, you must try this biryani. Get the  Swiggy Coupons by ordering biryani at online.

5. Cafe Bahar

 This is the best spot to get your hands on some astounding fish biryani. It’s as crisp as it tends to be and tastes.  The Chicken and mutton biryani are remarkable too where the relish levels are perfect and not done a couple of different cafés. Pick the best mood with an excellent taste here. Bahar café is known for its special Irani chai which is very famous in Hyderabad. The main branch is located at basheerbagh. You can try your taste based on your spicy level like double masala also.Chicken tikka masala, bheja fry with roti or naan is famous here. 

6. Meridian Cafe and Restaurant

The Dum Biryani is beyond words at this spot and it is located at the Panjagutta circle. The feel and taste are simply amazing. You can refresh your mood with the best biryani taste here. You can get excellent quality which you can’t ever forget this taste.

7. Paradise

Initially, it was beginning from a small chai shop and later it is extended to this tremendous chain of multi-food eateries. If we see the historical backdrop of Paradise and every one of the big names’ marks, which have traveled every with good comments. this spot is famous for Biryani which is available from family packs to combo and extra masala biryani. They follow a unique style of serving here which really makes you feel immense.

Experience the great taste of mutton and chicken biryani at the same place and also it is an excellent treat for the veggie lovers. You must try dishes like mutton curry, and Mirchi ka saalan are gently spiced so it would not overtake the tang of biryani from you.

8. Alpha Hotel

Travelers who are near to Secunderabad Railway Station, Alpha fills in as a fast stop to get a package of biryani for their family members and companions back home. The biryani is heavenly and aroma waits around long after you’ve tasted in it. It is a decent spot to have flavorful dinner which is rich also reasonable to your pocket. Whenever you are on a journey try this delicious biryani.

9. Sarvi

If you are a vegan and got confused about where to eat biryani, then sarvi is the best place for a biryani trip. It’s a midrange inn great to go with family in Hyderabad. They are well known for Mughal Hyderabadi food. Haleem which they serve during Ramzan.

10. The Spicy Venue

If you are looking for a south Indian touch, then you must try this MLA Potlam Biryani is extremely well known here and is savored by a large portion of their ordinary customers. Different biryanis to give a shot here are the ulavacharu biryani, avakai chicken biryani, and the natu Kodi pulao.

Here, are the best and top Restaurants for Briyani in Hyderabad to taste the delicious biryani.

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