Here Are The Best Places to Visit During Pongal 2020


The upbeat of the winter season is the Pongal festival that fills the air, as people wearing their new clothes, beautiful homes well decorated with blooms, kolams, and sugarcane. The most prior thing is the milk rice overflows out of the pot. Pongal is one of the most anticipated celebrations in Tamil Nadu in January. It is in the festivity of a good as thanks are coordinated to the Sun God for the food and flourishing. The word ‘Pongal’ means mean flooding in bounty, this means overflow milk and rice the mix-up of the delicious dish called Pongal.

Pongal is celebrated in South India. The primary day of the festival is known as Bhogi. During bhogi festival, people throw off their old and undesirable family things and purchase new items. The next day is followed by the perum Pongal which is the most significant to the Sun God, chaya and samgnya. Women play kolams and draw rangolis using rice flour.

The third day is named as Mattu Pongal, where worshipping cattle like cows and bulls. Pongal is ended up with Kanuma and closing day of the dancing and celebrating people with their loved ones and bull restraining challenges. Pongal is celebrated as various festivals in numerous pieces of the nation. In Punjab, individuals observe Lohri, while in Assam; it is praised as Bhogali Bihu. The best places to visit during Pongal 2020 in India are as follows.

  1.  Madurai
  2.  Thanjavur
  3.  Pollachi
  4.  Salem
  5. Coimbatore

1. Madurai 


Madurai consists of numerous temples fields and towns the real manifestation of Pongal celebrations. Temples complete unique customs on each of the four days of Pongal and visit the temples during this time is an outstanding encounter the crowd. The farmers and their families show their gratitude to the Sun God. Sugarcane, mango leaves, rice flour examples, and flower decorate homes. Clay pots are used to cook Pongal and the celebration is commended with a lot of grandeur and magnificence. The controversial game of Jallikattu was additionally led as a major aspect of the Pongal festivities in Madurai. Click here for MakeMyTrip Offers and avail the latest offers.

2. Thanjavur


Thanjavur radiates a specific appeal that is difficult to portray in words. This is the best place with the antiquated sanctuaries, lavish green fields or the mouth-watering food. During the Pongal celebrations, the spot transforms into an energetic area with embellished homes, kolams or rangoli game challenge with rice flour. The special attraction of Brihadeeswarar Temple’s festival of Mattu Pongal the same number of cows are arranged by the proprietors for puja at the temple.

3. Pollachi


Pollachi has situated 44 km from Coimbatore and is the best tourist spot. The drive from Coimbatore to Pollachi is truly pleased with picturesque sights, extraordinary streets and even crisp natural products being sold on the streets, especially Guava! The city has numerous fields and horticultural exercises, make Pongal celebration of huge essential in the locale. Explore the other attractions, for example, Topslip, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Aliyar Dam, Valparai, Monkey Falls, Masani Amman Temple, and so forth.

4. Salem


Salem in Tamil Nadu is a modern town that is mainstream for its material assembling. Salem is the conventional action of ‘Fox Darshan’. The facts demonstrate that the male individuals from the towns, scrounge the timberlands for a fox that they convey back to the town for anyone’s viewing pleasure. Different exercises incorporate the standard Pongal foods and love of bovines over the three primary days.

5. Coimbatore


Coimbatore like Salem is another material city in Tamil Nadu. Here Pongal is praised likened to the Thanksgiving celebration of the west. The homes all look crisp and brightened another layer of paint, kolams, and blossoms, in certain homes even pandals and lights make Pongal a delight to observe here. It is additionally an incredible spot for shopping with numerous stores offering exceptional limits and group past creative minds. The nearby sanctuaries and the encompassing towns can likewise be visited for a good experience.

So, these are the top and best places to visit during the Pongal. We wish you a very happy Pongal. May your dreams and wishes will be overflowed together.

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