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The military has a tough life. No matter how much they smile and laugh, the pressure of saving the country and being present 24 hours is exhausting. Moreover, they need to be away from their family more often than not. It is painful. But it is also rewarding. Apart from the emotional achievements that come with it, materialistic things like something as simple as a medallion can signify a lot of things. 

As people, they have also found a way to find happiness from the plethora of scary realities. Hence came the existence of challenge coins in the military. We will be talking about this game and understand some rules about it further. 

What are military challenge coins? 

You may also refer to this as a medallion which is basically an emblem of an organization. It is possessed by every member of the military organization which thus represents them and also signifies unity. The purpose of challenge coins in the military is to boost motivation and create morale. 

History has shown that some challenge coins have caused clashes between members. This was done to the extent of threatening the creators to go to jail. Nonetheless, the coins also represent achievements among the commanders thus honoring them to go the extra mile to serve the country.  

What is the significance of it? 

The importance of challenge coins in the military is not only tactical or official. They are must more than just a piece of metal. To the commanders and the officers, it represents a bond and unity among their teams. While medallions are provided to celebrate an achievement, they also create lifetime bonds among people. 

Moreover, they celebrate the history and the tradition that has been in existence for years. But lately, we are seeing that these challenge coins for the military aren’t limited to the officers after all. Many civilian groups are coming down with the idea of medallions. This is so done to represent the groups that they are a part of. 

Coin check 

Military life is adventurous and risky. It is also very lonely considering they have to stay away from their families for months and years. To keep things cheerful and play, they play coin check. This is a game that is very popular among the officers. They utilize their challenge coins for the military and made a game out of it. 

The game is that one individual who already holds a coin challenges another individual or a group to present their coins. If the challenge-ee fails to show their coin, then they have to buy the challenger a drink. This is also applicable if the challenge is produced in a group. The one who produces their coin last will have to buy the drink. Nonetheless, if the one challenged succeeds, then the challenger has to buy the drink. While this is the gist of the game, many hidden rules are further elaborated.  

What is coin etiquette? 

No matter how playful and funny things may get in the bar. If you are a holder of a challenge coin, you bear the responsibility of nurturing and looking after it. Hence the game and the coin itself, come with a set of rules which you need to follow. They are as follows: 

  • Before starting the game, the rules must always be explained. This goes without saying even though everybody knows them. If you do not explain the rules, the round is rendered void. 
  • The only challenge is when you are sure that one or more coins are missing from the group. If things go south and everybody does have their coins, you will be stuck paying for bills all night. 
  • If you are giving your coin to someone that means that you are actually giving it to them. Hence if you are asked to present your coin, hold it up or keep it in your palm. Don’t do detach from your coin because if you lose it, it means you are paying for the drinks tonight. 


Finding happiness from the small pleasures of life is not something everyone can master. The military is doing whatever it can for us. But more importantly, they are doing whatever they can for the betterment of themselves. And for that too, Salut!

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