Enjoy the Tasty and Mouthwatering Top 10 Yummy Street Foods in Hyderabad!


The city of Hyderabad is well known for its vibrant history and cultures. Moreover, the city of Nizams is downright heaven for foodies as it is home to sumptuous Hyderabadi Cuisine. Hyderabad is the best spot for food lovers right from biryani, kebab, deserts, haleem and lot more. There are wide ranges of menus available for street food lovers. Let’s have a look at the tasty Top 10 Yummy Street Foods in Hyderabad and enjoy more.

1. Haleem:

Haleem is the most special dish of Hyderabad. Initially, an Arabic dish was acquainted in Hyderabad by Arab during Nizam’s time. This dish follows a unique style of cooking for 12 hours by adding customary flavors along with lentils, ghee, meat, and wheat. It is the best street food during Ramadan season and while some places are so special like Pista House Haleem and Shah Ghouse are the best in Hyderabad.

2. Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuits:

Hyderabad is very popular for Irani Chai with Osmania biscuits. It was invented by Persian it is not quite the same as different variations of tea throughout the world. This biscuit is named after the last Nizam of the city i.e, Mir Osman Ali Khan. Some places like Subhan Bakery Nimrah Café (Charminar) and Karachi Bakery are well-known places for this.

3. Qurbani ka Meetha:

This is the most delicious sweet of the city of Nizams. Khubani is the Urdu expression for Apricots while Meetha implies sweet. 

After any heavy meal, this sweet is served and known as the king of desserts. This is pretty solid, with almost no sugar and no ghee. Generally, Khubani ka Meetha is presented with a scoop of frozen yogurt or with malai. Hotel Shadab, Paradise, Cafe Bahar, Bawarchi, and Minerva Coffee shop are the best places to have this mouth-watering treat in Hyderabad.

4. Pathar ka Gosht:

Hyderabadi Cuisine has numerous dishes whose preparation is extraordinarily in different areas. This dish stands as one of the top mainstream dishes and its preparation is done with a unique process. Boneless pieces are marinated and cooked on a granite stone. 

This is a noticeable dish during the Nizam era, this is the favorite one by the local people. 

5. Double ka Meetha:

Double Ka Meetha is a delightful sweet of Hyderabadi Cuisine. This is a bread pudding sweet, soaked with a thick cream of saffron, cardamom, and dry fruits. This is a well-known street food in the month of Ramadan. This dessert taste is enhanced by serving it hot and cold. Bahar, Paradise, Exotica, Bidri, Pista House, and Sarvi are the best places to taste this sweet. Order this tasty sweet and avail  Zomato Offers with best discounts and deals.

6. Boti Kebab:

The street food is incomplete without Kebabs. Must try this Boti Kebab which gives an awesome taste to your tongue. In this dish, small chicken or mutton pieces are marinated in yogurt, and flavors which are cooked under the extreme warmth of an oven. The best places to try this are Paradise Restaurant, Bawarchi, Bade Miyan, and Shadab.

7. Falooda:

You can experience a wide range of feel by tasting Falooda. Made of rose syrup, vermicelli, sabzi seeds, milk, cream and sugar, this saffron and cardamom enhanced sweet dish has the core of most Hyderabadis. 

Initially a Persian sweet, it came to India with the numerous Muslim traders during the Mughal Empire. Heaven Bakery, Shadab, and Shah Ghouse are the best places to taste this. Order online and Zomato Offers with low price.

8. Pesarattu Dosa:

Pesarattu Dosa or Moong Dal Dosa is like the typical Dosa with the difference made of moong dal. It is one of the most loved breakfast dishes in Andhra Pradesh and exceptionally nutritious. It is a good combination with ginger chutney, and this blend makes good taste. Other south Indian states incorporate Dosa in their street food the south exemplary has earned this dish a spot of the best street food in Hyderabad.

9. Keema Samosa:

Samosas are one evening snack Yet, the Keema Samosas of Hyderabad will make you mad with food. This yummy monsoon delicacy is normally made with fiery masala and minced meat and easily available food at any time. This Hyderabadi street food is awesome and loved by most of the people.

10. Chicken Shawarma:

Chicken Shawarma is most loved by everyone because their preparation is unique. Chicken meat is stuck to an iron rod and cook the chicken until it is fried completely. It is served with roti, this is a Hyderabad street food in which vegetables and mayonnaise are added to make it yummy.

Hyderabad is very well known for such shawarmas with a few variations of the equivalent being effectively accessible wherever in the city.

We feel these are the most delicious and Top 10 Yummy Street Foods in Hyderabad. Hope, you have tried all this, if not taste the mouthwatering foods.

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