Top 10 Delicious and Tasty Ice Creams in India. You Must-Try this Top Brands!


The most lovable and delicious item for all ages is “ice cream”. According to the definitive reports in the year 2017, the ice cream industry stayed at Rs.40 billion and has been continuing to increase.

The business is going to be enhanced 20 percent and is probably going to rise up in the year 2019-2020, to mark Rs.62 billion mark. Ice Cream is essential for any party or any occasion. Ice cream is the best way to share our love with others. Ice cream is available in all forms either it may be a cup, cone, kulfi and lot more. So, let’s have a look at the Top 10 Delicious and Tasty Icecreams In India.

1. Amul:

Amul is the most renowned brand of ice-cream in India. It is a brand owned by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation-which was formed in 1946 and is the brainchild of the noticeable freedom fighters of the country. Amul ice cream made its introduction in Gujarat in 1996. The brand is currently made at different plants in India that work under the Amul brand.

2. Mother Dairy:

It is a well-known brand by the Indian government organization known as the National Dairy Development Board. Mother Dairy is the single biggest producer of milk and milk-based products in India, across the nation’s activities. Mother Dairy delivers excellent desserts and furthermore offers a wide scope of normal and types of ice creams that are accessible overall India.

3. Baskin Robbins:

This is America’s top ice cream brand. Through the joint venture Graviss Group, it was launched in the year 1993. Baskin Robbins started the first outlet in Pune, which is outside North America. Baskin Robbins ice cream brands are accessible crosswise over India through a large number of parlors situated in every single city.

4. Vadilal:

Vadilal owns this brand of ice cream. Vadilal appropriately merits the award as a pioneer of India’s original ice cream industry. Beginning as a little soft drink producer in 1907, the organizer Vadilal Gandhi additionally began assembling icecreams. It was developed earlier in 110 years to make Vadilal one of the highest producers and retailers of ice creams in India.

5. Dinshaw’s:

Dinshaw’s is another pioneer of India’s homegrown dessert industry. The brand was launched by two brothers, Dinshaw and Eruchshaw Rana route in the year 1932. Dinshaw’s started as hand-created ice cream and keeps on holding the position today.

6. Havmor:

Top dessert brand Havmor discovers its roots in the parcel of the Indian sub-mainland by past British rulers. The brand was propelled in 1944 in Karachi by a business person, Satish Chona. Today, Havmor is a regarded brand of ice creams in India and is accessible all over India. The brand is presently claimed by South Korean MNC, Lotte.

7. Kwality Walls:

This is the best ice cream that stays top at the quality and liked by most of the people. It was owned by  Hindustan Unilever, the consolidated brand of British Walls and Kwality was propelled as Kwality Walls over India. This brand is dedicated to the Kwality name worked hugely in the support of this new brand and today it is one of the most prominent  Ice Cream brands in India. Accessible in Swirl parlors and in basic food item shops and stores. Try this ice cream Feast, Cornetto, Cassata, Sandwich, and parts more. The Magnum brand of sumptuous icecream is likewise advertised by Kwality Walls.

8. Naturals Ice Cream:

Naturals Ice cream was started by Kamath from Mangalore. The first store of Naturals ice cream started in Juhu and Mumbai. Naturals is a very well-known taste which is made of fresh ingredients and pure milk.

From that one outlet in Juhu, Naturals has now extended to in excess of 135 stores around India in a blend of franchisee shops possessed outlets. The greatest draw of Naturals frozen yogurt has been its regular organic product flavors like lychee,  mango, custard apple, and so on. Order online at Foodpanda Offers and get your favorite flavor at your doorsteps. Presently the brand is experiencing a makeover with an advanced new logo and different changes.

9.  Arun Ice Creams:

Hatsun Agro Products was begun by R G Chandramogan. In 1970 Chandramogam started making ice confections in a leased space in Royapuram, Chennai. These ice confections would be sold on push trucks around the city. The organization developed gradually and during the 1990s the turnover crossed an amazing Rs 3 crore. The Arun scope of frozen yogurts incorporates bars, cups, cones, specialties, and a lot more in bunch flavors.

10. Top’ N Town:

Another ice cream brand that began from a single shop and developed into a brand is Top’N Town. With ice cream plants in Durg and Bhopal, Top’N Town has a strong nearness in the focal Indian conditions of Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chattisgarh, and furthermore in Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

You can avail of bars, cones, kulfi, tubs, and cake. These are accessible in an assortment of chocolate, a lot more flavors. These are the best and Top 10 Delicious and Tasty Ice Creams available in India. You must try this and feel this ice cream.

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