Content Guidelines For Free/Paid Guest Postings

Content Guidelines For Free/Paid Guest Postings

Guest blogging is the trending pattern among bloggers to develop and expand the website by getting backlinks. Surely, it is one of the most famous methods to site up the search engine.

Most people incline towards Guest blogging to stay connected with a more audience and drag a new user to their corresponding blog.

Guest bloggers can embrace the following benefits with the guest postings:

  1. Branding 
  2. Backlinks  
  3. Increase the audience to your blog 

We hope you are much aware of content is core to the blog the more unique and informative content you provide to the user. You will endure the more outstanding traffic results. 

Follow the Content Guidelines for Guest blogging to get more fabulous results.

1. Content Format:

Ensure the article is elegantly researched, well-written, and arranged with a proper structure. Make sure that replicated post and unoptimised content is not acceptable. 

  • The content title should be between 45 to 70 characters
  • Meta Description related to the article should be provided with 120 characters

2. Unique Content:

We assure you that the written content must be 100% plagiarism-free. Any sort of duplicate content won’t be acknowledged. 

3. Have an eye on High word Count:

Ensure that the post covers all the significant key points that are related to the chosen topic. Set the word limit starting from 800 & above is highly recommend for the guest post.

4. No copyrighted Pictures:

Ensure there are no copyrighted pictures and that you have uploaded them to use them. Choose unique and remarkable pictures to make the post more attractive to the audience.  Featured Image must be in the JPG or PNG format (1200 x 675px).

5. Self Promotion is not encouraged much:

Submitting the posts more about the self- promotion is restricted because the current users are worthy for us.

6. Unrelated posts

We are not intrigued to acknowledge articles on topics that are not related to us. Despite how great the article might be, that it is off the topic because it will deviate our frequent users.

Ensure that posts related to Food, Electronics, Entertainment, Fashion, Travel, Finance, Health, Technology, and recent trending topics are recommended for the guest posts. 

7. Accepted formats: 

We accept the content in the word docs format only apart from the PDF format. 

If the content is above 800+ words, one do-follow link, and if it is above 1200+ words two do-follow links shall be provided which will be active till 3 months to 1 year

Create outstanding content for your posts, ensuring to interact with the audience. 


After receiving the posts that you send, we will edit posts and run them. If the posts are informative and sound good then it gets published. We are known for the most reachable posts to the audience. 

Check our blog samples of exceptionally fruitful posts on our site. This will be useful to you and helps to know the pitch. Approach this blog and show signs of elevations that streaming the moment.

The Bottom line:

Because of the volume of posts from requests we are turned on. We will pick the posts that match to our site.

Note: holds the rights on the content published in the blog. When required, the content will be modified and also updated with affiliate links. The requirements specified in this page are also subjective to change. 

If you agree with the above guidelines and conditions then send your article to hope that these guidelines are really helpful to write the upcoming guest posts to our blog. Stay in touch with us.

For Free Guest postings

  • The word count for one article is 800+ words
  • The free outbound link duration is for  3 – 6 months
  • Only one do-follow link
  • The review and approval process will take around 1 – 3 days or more

For Paid Guest postings

  • The word count for one article is 1000+ words
  • The paid outbound link duration is for  1 year
  • The posting price will be $5 per article + $2 for extra do-follow links
  • The review and approval process will be completed in one day
  • The payment mode is from Paypal – E-mail Id:

If you become our regular guest blogger, we are glad to offer more do follow backlinks.

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