Awesome Things to Know about Visiting Charminar in Hyderabad


For a new traveller, their wish is to visit Hyderabad city and they have to visit the pearl city. Have you ever thought of  Awesome things to know about visiting Charminar in Hyderabad. Here is the complete guide for that.

Charminar is the main tourist place and a wonderful spot for shopping lovers. The pillars are the main source of this voluminous body. 

It resembles four pillars which are known as a landmark mosque and later also renowned as the symbol of Hyderabad. It also stands as a reference and has been standing tall for four centuries.

Charminar is wonderful craftsmanship and gives a wow look to the eyes. For a traveler, who visits Hyderabad city, Charminar is their dream destination with its structure make to feel awesome 

Reasons for why we call it Charminar?

In the construction of Charminar, a great deal of numerical thinking and geometric mixes had gone into the construction of this landmark.

Inside of this historical monument, there are four curves and inside of these small curves on each side of the primary curve are four. Mohd Quli Shah is the king who fabricated Charminar and he is the fourth Qutb Shahi ruler.   

The unknown secret of Charminar there is an underground route built-in to connect Golconda Fort which is the earlier capital of Quli Qutb shah to Charminar and till now it stands as a mystery to all.

Importance of Charminar

In Hyderabad city, Charminar is a well known and popular landmark and first multi-storeyed structure in the city.

This Charminar stands a historical legacy in the Pearl City. This was constructed to overcome the plague in the year of the 16th century. The main reason for Quli Qutub shah to construct Charminar is overcome and end of the plague in Hyderabad city.

Various religions at one place:

This landmark features how various religions can reside calmly in a spot. It is excellent to observe how the intersection of the climate of both the Mecca Masjid and Bhagyalakshmi Temple makes an image of harmony in the city. 

Charminar is viewed as the center of Hyderabad city; The city was moved toward a lattice iron-design, with the famous Charminar as the point of convergence. It also had two streets running east-west and north-south which is the focal point of the city.

Charminar’s Age 

Charminar is the most seasoned landmark and earlier over 450 years. This landmark yet stands tall with its historical magnificence all hail to hundreds of years old craftsmanship. Check the latest Hyderabad travelling bus for Abhibus Offers.

What more to  See at Charminar

The fundamental fascination is the view over the Old City to memorable tourist spots, for example, Mecca Masjid. The floor of the Charminar is available to visitors has 45 mushallas, sensitive botanical embellishments, and overhangs.

On the top, watch the highest point of one of the curves on the eastern side of the Charminar. The best time to visit Charminar is between 7 P.M to 9 P.M.

What Else to Do Nearby Charminar :

The Old City around the Charminar is interesting though, as it truly breathes life into Hyderabad’s Islamic inheritance.

Mecca Masjid worked in 1694, is a couple of moments walk south of the Charminar. It’s a monstrous mosque near a lake and it is 200-year-old Chowmahalla Palace. This overwhelming living things of the Nizam rulers have been changed over into an exhibition hall, with an assortment that incorporates vintage vehicles and other glorious memorabilia. 

If you’re a foodie, don’t miss delicious Hyderabadi biryani near Charminar. This celebrated dish began from the kitchen of the Nizams and is a mix of Iranian and Mughlai food. If you would prefer not to take a visit, you can see the market place following a 10-minute walk upper east of the Charminar.

Charminar is the best shopping place for weddings, parties and a lot more. Women can get a wide range of collections that are available from various cities at Charminar. West of the Charminar, there are bazaars selling everything from bangles to perfumes. Hyderabad is known as the pearl city and Charminar is well known for this.

If you are not visited Charminar yet then, it’s time to visit this wonderful architecture along with your friends and get back with the wonderful moments.

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