Apple iPhone Vs Android Smartphone



Apple doesn’t make any low priced phones. The latest iPhone is always high Priced.  Compared to Apple, Android produces a Variety of mobiles with different price ranges. There are low priced Android phones as well as high priced Phones. Google’s new Pixel phones and some Samsung Galaxy phones are in the range of Apple’s iPhone pricing. The Value for money is the same for these phones. Apple has only an iPhone, whereas Android has a wide variety of high-end phones from a variety of manufacturers. The High-end premium phones market value is almost the same for both iPhone and Android smartphones.


High-End Android phones like Galaxy 8 have Facial Recognition feature and Apple is first bringing in iPhone X with Face ID.  A fingerprint sensor is there in both. Favorite contacts are placed well on Android phones, but the iPhone has FaceTime. There are great Android cameras and some awful cameras. iPhone Camera is good and improving with every release. The android keypad has some beautiful features like swiping which are missing on the iPhone. AppStore and Play store are equally good. They have a lot of apps that are there in both stores. Google play music has a lot of free music, but Apple has no free music. The Android mail app allows you to browse folders or switch accounts very easily with a few clicks, whereas the iPhone requires a lot more clicks to navigate. Google maps are excellent whereas apple maps are improving very fast. Apple iPhone set to vibrate key is very useful. Apple’s SIRI understands a language far better than the Android phone’s voice recognition. Apple clod is very easy to use compared to Android phones.


Apple’s iOS devices are known for their strong security, partly because Apple controls the entire device ecosystem — hardware, firmware, and software. Apple follows strong encryption practices. Google also recently announced automatic security updates for Android, which makes it quicker and easier to patch applications.

Ease of use

iOS is the easiest to use OS, it is straight forward and has a clean user interface. Android Interface not that straight forward compared to IOS. But Downloading songs, Files are easy on Android phones where are we need to use iTunes to download songs on apple. Bluetooth is restricted in the iPhone, will not be able to share files between phones. If you want to share files again, you need to use Airdrop. Whereas in Android phones you can share files with Bluetooth.

Apps availability

The availability of apps is almost the same on both the operating systems. Apple has strict App Store guidelines, and every title is tested by a human before being approved. In comparison, Google is happy to let most things fly — so long as it’s not offensive or harmful — which gives us access to things like emulators and file downloaders that aren’t available on other platforms.

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