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In this age of technology, you offered more choices for hosting services. You can scale your business with Liquid Web hosting services that are suitable for all the business whether it is small scale or large scale.

To mature your business you need the best hosting environment. This service offers several servers for your processing of the website. If you start your business and want to create a website then choose the best service for your clients.

Dedicated Server:

There is nothing stable that this dedicated server when it comes to web hosting. You get the complete control of your content and usage of CPU without any bandwidth issue. You can gain control over the server which stores the file on your website.

Dedicated Server

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This is possible because a dedicated server-id only rented for your website. This is one of the expensive web hosting servers which can be used for high-level traffic website.

VPS Hosting:

VPS is a Virtual Private Server which is ideal for the owners who need more control of their website. Each website is hosted with a unique space but shares the physical server with other users.

VPS Hosing

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This hosting can provide the best customization and storage space for more accessibility. Not more technical knowledge is needed for you to get this hosting. This is the best choice for advanced users and those who want package installation.

Cloud Dedicated Hosting:

Cloud is the current trending word in this technical world. Using combined computing resources web hosting works together and runs applications at the same time. This works through networks and consumes resources like an aid. This allows users to get access to many resources without having great infrastructure.

Cloud Hosting

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The resources spread across several servers. This reduces the chance of downfall. If you try using this hosting, your website will grow with high demand using many resources.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Most of the hosting packages are likely managed. This hosting provides technical services such as hardware and software setup. It provides software maintenance, configuration, replacement of hardware, technical support, patching, and monitoring.

Managed WordPress Hosting

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There are many options for choosing the hosting but choose the best Liquid Web that fits your need.

Magento Cloud:

This cloud provides an excellent infrastructure to get along with the workflow. This is the best eCommerce platform in the world. Many stores are built to support growth and performance.

Magento Cloud

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It transforms the customer experience into the best one. You can get excelled in the eCommerce industry with the help of this featured cloud hosting.

Cluster of Servers:

A server cluster is a group of linked servers, working together closely and deployed to improve performance and/or availability over that provided by a single server. Clusters could be categorized as:

  • High-availability clusters
  • Load-balancing clusters
  • Front-end cluster
  • Backend cluster

Scale-up your business in the eCommerce industry using this hosting. This is the next level of hosting that spreading among the great people of the world. This fits your business needs.

Cluster of Servers

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From two to 200 servers can be used by the clients to brood over the website. This makes your website with high performance and high availability.

Database Hosting:

These services are delivered by hosting providers. They provide services which enable you to run database supported applications.
On the cloud computing platform, hosting your database enables scalability, security, and availability.

Database Hosting

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There are many types of database hosting that you need to understand before opting for it. This provides the need for global marketing. They are,

Full-Text Database:

This is the very simplest form of database that is used for a business organization to manage the system. This can be jotted into rows and columns.

Desktop Database:

This can store a large number of data that intended for a single user. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft Access are good examples of desktop database programs. These programs allow users to enter data, store it, protect it, and retrieve it when needed.

Relational Database:

A relational database allows you to find specific information. The standard fields and records are represented as columns (fields) and rows in a table. With this you can compare information because of the arrangement of data in columns.

This is the most common type of database that allows many users to access data with utmost security.

NoSQL Database:

It Handles large volumes of data at high speed and developer friendly. It takes full advantage of the cloud to deliver zero downtime. These capabilities provide users with many advantages compared to relational databases.

Object-Oriented Database:

This is an innovative database from which the object type is like the previous type. This gives the database data arrangement to access and store data in an easy way.

VMware Cloud:

This cloud hosting optimizes the resources and reconfigures it. After reconfiguring it scales up all the resources in the cloud for storage.

VMware Vision

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This is a kind of traditional public cloud that is benefitted to power the business. With the dedicated hardware, performance, security gets infrastructure for storing all the resources. This is a great cloud-hosted environment that offers you the best support.

Dedicated Server$199
VPS Hosting$35
Cloud Dedicated Hosting$169
Managed WordPress Hosting$19
Magento Cloud$49
Cluster of Servers$743
Database Hosting$1498
VMware Cloud$1599
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Wrapping up:

Hope the above-mentioned services are useful for you to opt for the best kind of hosting for your business. If you want to build a multi-server platform for your clients get access to the best hosting services. This offers round the clock service with security when you opt for hosting from the liquid web.

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