A Travel Guide to visit Ramoji film city in Hyderabad


Charminar is the mark for Hyderabad city from the times of Nizams, Ramoji Film City is the new signature of the Hyderabad, being the world’s largest film studio spread across 1666 acres and recorded in Guinness Book. Here is the Travel Guide to visit the Film Industry in Hyderabad.

A day at Ramoji Film City

Whenever you plan a trip to Hyderabad, visit this wonderful Ramoji film city. It is  50 Kms away from Hyderabad city. Every day timing will be started by 9:00 AM and end by 6:00 PM. After the completion of the trip, visitors will enjoy this place wonderfully.

Guest Ticket

There are two kinds of tickets that visitors can buy – Normal and Special. The ticket costs for an adult will be Rs 1150  and for child Rs 950 and the special ticket incorporates lunch, water, and snacks in it. They ensure to take you around in AC vehicles with all the attractions. Avail the pick-up facility from your doorstep this is also included in your ticket price.

Also, simply go in pleasantly planned outdoors transports. You can eat your favorite food from different cafés.  

Gardens in Ramoji Film City

At Ramoji film city, there are 124 unique kinds of Gardens and numerous nurseries. The garden names will be like a Shell Garden, a Mughal garden, Mysore garden, Japanese nursery, Thinking man’s nursery, Hawa Mahal, Arizona-style desert flora garden with a European look and feel. All these gardens are included in the film shooting it also gives an eye treat to the people who are visiting.

Areas of Amusement

There are different tree-lined walkways, which are utilized to shoot film scenes. With the right signage can re-make different areas from all over the world. There are separable lamp posts on either side of the street. One interesting set is that of Buddhist caves. That has been executed very well and is sensibly large in size. A little show in the most profound corner of the cave takes a reality were the icons.  Get the Freecharge Offers here.

Film Shooting Sets

The most interesting part of Ramoji Film City was various sets that make different scenes like a town scene, a market scene, a city high rise, and lanes. There was a massive structure, which is planned as an airport on one side, a clinic on another side, a congregation on the third side and a bank on the fourth side.

There are homes, which have 4 unique exteriors on four sides. A single structure can fill in as numerous houses for different characters of a film.  There is a temporary railway station with two different stages. One thing is the village platform and the other is the city stage platform.

Palace Scene

One wonderful set is that of a royal residence scene most likely utilized for all the fantastic and period shows. The greatness of this set gives a sensibility of being in a historical period. Another set called Movie Magic also reflects a couple of moments into the dreamland of motion pictures where everything is brilliant and sparkling and in brief,  circumvent the world.

Various Shows at Ramoji Film City

There are a couple of shows, which gives a breather and have a well spent time. Watch the live show about film fascinating and engaging pieces that exhibit extremely gifted technicians.

Stunt Show

The stunt show features an activity scene set up on a stud ranch. With common hoodlums as they are delineated in the movies. On-screen characters battle with one another, with ambient sounds improve impact of those sounds.

Action Show

In a show called Action, they get an individual from the group of spectators and make a little motion picture with them, display camera work, sound, and music blend.

To stay aware of the present event congregation standards, there is a 4-D show called Ramoji Tower and children would love it. It is difficult to explore complexities and some famous yet at the same time charming fantasies.

This is again something that the children would enjoy. The middle of the zone called Fundustan which is similar to be a diversion park with waste book spray painting, wellsprings, Titanic look ship, and rope scaffolds to mess about.


Visitors can also enjoy the delicious foods at ramoji film city. There are numerous eateries and snacks or purchase water and more. Have a wonderful time in the film city and experience a one-day shooting experience at a film city.

Book your tickets along with your friends and explore this fantastic place and carry memorable memories along with you.

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